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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 11, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." cops say you're watching a poerts and son try to kill a relative. >> and how did they try to do so? >> see the twisted plot unravel in one incriminating video. a camera on the back of a motorcycle catches police in hot pursuit. >> they knew what this guy was going to do. >> why savvy cops let this rider think he got away. >> i can hear him. >> a family's home becomes a haven for bats. >> not just a few bats.
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we're talking about 80 of them. >> what happens when dad decides to hose them out. and you can't say nick didn't warn her. >> don't fall. >> which she doesn't right there. >> saved it. >> how one hot babe on the trail goes down cold. >> all right, babe? here's a little different view of a couple guys out riding their motorcycle, but it looks like they may be going a little bit quick. their antics get the attention of a police officer. you see the officer right here follow this biker into a gas station. the bike slows down a little bit and waits to see what officer is going to do. sure enough the police car flicks on the blues and the chase is on. ♪ >> this never ends well. >> this is quite an angle, man, seeing the cop car that close in
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pursuit with the lights on and everything. that's pretty crazy. >> curiously enough, watch what happens here. it appears the officer turns off his lights, slows down, and backs off. did the guy win? kind of looks that way. the officer, though, noticed the camera on the back of the motorcycle. so the officers call off the pursuit and they wait for this guy to post this video on youtube. and sure enough, two weeks after this chase, the video pops up. this all happened back in 2012. the video, of course, helping police locate this guy. his name is hams ali ben ali. not only did the video help police catch the guy, when the guy's attorney says, well you can't prove that it was my guy on this bike, police said, sure we can. the guy was already wearing an anklet for a prior convictions. he took the gps off that clip it
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matched the location of this video and even gave data of the speed. >> he started a game of catch me if you can. >> that's what police are accusing this guy of doing. trying to goad an officer into a chase. they used their brains and technology to capture this guy. he could face up to six years in prison when he's sentenced this friday. >> smart move by the cops. it's not every day you see the mother/son crime duo. check out these two bad guys. 62-year-old elizabeth and 36-year-old marco. guess what their caper was? this is the video. they're trying to kill a 97-year-old rich elderly relative. it's an inheritance scam. how did they try to do so? with rat poison. this woman is in a nursing home. the police said they tried three separate times in her coffee, water and milk shake. this video appears to be the mother and son maybe feeding the
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contaminated items to this woman. disgusting to watch. police are wondering why this woman was getting sick because three times she got sick, they couldn't figure it out. after the third time they tested her blood and it had traces of the rat poison. the two have confessed to this awful, awful deed. >> now they get nothing. going to get nothing and get in a lot of trouble. >> time and no money. >> the fact that anybody would even think that this is okay, and be able to go to sleep at night after trying it once and then doing it again and then doing it again. >> and if this is, in fact, the video where they're trying toed lo at how just -- >> like laughing. >> whatever. here have this milk shake. it's delicious. has rat poison in it. >> this is awful and giving me a headache. >> two people, a mother and a son, both look at each other and say let's do this.
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dash cam footage on this show or the internet for that matter, you can expect there's going to be an accident. car with a dash cam pulling up to the intersection. pay close attention to this car off in the distance examining through that intersection. >> oh, man. >> see, that stinks. he had nothing to do with that and you still get your car wrecked up. >> how does that happen? >> let's go back. >> check out the light right here. you can tell that light is turning red. that car coming toward the intersection is trying to beat the red light. hits that car, sends it flying into these cars, that car bumps into the other car and that car bumps into the other car and a whole domino effect going on. >> he wasn't even close. the guy driving the car who caused the accident ended up being taken to the accident with a head injury. two others had to seek medical treatment as a result of this accident. the next dash cam video is reportedly a school zone and once you see that last little
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fellow run across the street, the cars feel it's safe to move forward. >> oh. >> you know -- >> oh. got hit by that second one. >> one little straggler decided he was going to try to run across the street and beat the cars. he kind of pulls a "duke of hazard" move and slides across the hood. >> that's when they were getting into the car trying to get to the driver's side. >> everything turned out okay according to reports. the kid was fine just a little shaken up. >> are you coming? >> i've heard bats, but this is completely different. we're talking about bats behind the shutters and not just a few bats. we're talking about 80 of them. [ screaming ] >> that is trent buckston and his wife erica and their two daughters and they live in louisiana. trent has fired the water hose at one of the shutters because
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bats have taken up residence for a second year in a row there. he has kindly asking them to re move themselves. >> 38, 39, 40, 41. >> let me tell you they're going to regret doing this. this summer they will be sitting out out back, where are the mosquitos coming from. the bats are their bug control. >> then you hear them. >> we go from louisiana to norway and see what's going on with this grouse. that grouse is fighting with his own image. according to the homeowner they kept finding like droppings in this one spot and so they set up a camera after they realized that this grouse keeps coming back night after night fighting with himself. why? because they say mating season is close to over an they think he's a little her moenal it so atakes his reflection fighting for territory for whatever woman comes wandering around.
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>> you're never going to win that one and never going to lose. >> the ultimate demand for satisfaction. i demand satisfaction and he's not getting it from anybody, even himself. it's a horrible scene when two kids are caught on camera -- >> abusing a 9-pound puppy. >> how a neighbor stepped up to get the pup out. and see how this pole dancer puts his own spin on a hit song. ♪ >> that's funny. that's actually pretty hilarious. after people find a dentist through us, they often say,
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this video is going to make you a little bit sick to your stomach. the story we got from seattle, washington. take a look at this video of these young kids abusing a 9-pound puppy. that puppy is bela, a german shepherd mix. you're probably wondering why this video was . ar these children abusing this dog and decided to spring into action. kyra spoke to the woman, her name is brandi lucky. >> i seen them beat her on the head and kick her. i see this going on outside. makes me wonder what's going on inside. >> she called authorities why her boyfriend shot the video. >> i'm thinking like you' you're filming and that's great but you should be calling somebody and i'm glad they were teaming you. >> obviously there are parents here because these are kid at a home with the new puppy.
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were the parents contacted. >> when authorities from animal services showed up they did remove the puppy from the home and they do want the county prosecutor to file charges against the dog owner, meaning the mother of the children, because they think that the mother must have been aware that this was happening in their household. >> sometimes kids this young, they look like they're pretty little, don't know the difference between right and wrong and unless somebody tells them don't do that, then, you know, they're never going to learn. that's why you need the parents to step in. >> they sent the dog to a veteranen's office. >> they could have easily killed her. stepping on her alone. >> the dog has a limp, possibly an injury caused by some of its abuse but they do believe the puppy will be okay. some may not like this, but guys i have a video. >> okay. >> i feel like we're going to get the rope a dope again. >> pole dancing. dudes. >> basically. ♪
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>> he doesn't just wiggle wiggle wiggle. he does other stuff on the pole. ♪ >> that's funny. that's actually pretty hilarious. he's playing jason derulo's "wiggle." ♪ wiggle wiggle wiggle ♪ wiggle wiggle wiggle >> what a weird thing to attempt. like i could probably dance on this pole and play the clarinet. >> at least this guy is bringing out his musical skill. >> that takes some serious strength. he's like the human flag. >> this guy is paul. he recently took second place at the florida pole dancing fitness championship. ♪ this performance is set to katy perry's "dark horse." >> everyone has a skill. you just have to figure out what it is ♪ >> check this video out. this woman has caught her husband in the act. brings out her camera. starts walking towards the
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living room. >> oh, the shorts are great. >> she creeps up on her husband dancing to "walking on broken glass" by annie len nox. >> and cleaning the floor in the bright green pants. >> does she ever let him know she's standing right behind him. >> hey, babe. >> it's funny. >> shorts, swiffer dancing, i think it's fake. >> i think it's fake too. >> only cleaning that one little section. >> more worried about dancing than cleaning at this point. these videos have a lot in common like animals having fun, animal in the water. we start in cabo san lucas in mexico. as you can see, that sea lion is getting a free meal. >> no more. >> yeah. >> that's all we got buddy. >> also getting a free ride. >> nothing left. >> sea lion hopped up there and
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waited for some food. >> sorry. >> after the sea lion realized i'm not getting anymore. >> oh. >> decides to bail. >> is anyone worried about the motor. we will end up with a sea lion smoothie. there's an engine running. >> i'm glad he didn't try to get on the boat. that thing is huge. >> nothing. also having fun in the water, this grizzly bear. why? because it's 100 degrees in arizona and going to stay over 100 degrees until probably october. this video was posted by the southwest wildlife conservation life in arizona. the wildlife center says we thank california pools. apparently they constructed this thing. the bear having a great time. >> wearing a fur coat in 100 plus. that's no fun. the animation that changed movies. >> wow. >> how awesome is that. >> meet the guy who did it next
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"right this minute." and still to come -- >> you are about to see one big burrito. >> and matt is going to try to eat the whole thing. >> that looks gross. >> see if he gets all 12 pounds down. plus, proof that this kid should have listened when he was told -- >> don't play frisbee in the house. you see his face. >> yeah, yeah.
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you could try home remedies to remove your warts... - are you sure about this? - not at all. announcer: but wartstick works. buy at drugstores or use only as directed. i hope you guys are feeling like mexican food because you are about to see one big burrito. matt stone eny creating a 12 pound burrito. he ends up using a ton of extra large burrito flour tortillas. he lays them out on the counter. as soon as he figures out how he's going to layer this he starts adding the ingredients. >> that looks gross. >> disgusting. >> never eat refried beans from
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a can ever. >> i'm glad he went through the trouble of heating up the tortillas and pouring on cold refried beans. >> nasty beans. >> it's pretty disgusting. does guacamole the rice. >> why would you put frozen burritos in your burrito. >> why not. >> sounds like a taco bell item. there he is. added all the ingredients. he wants the onion, the salsa, the cheese. there is the gigantic burrito. >> oh. >> that's horrible. >> he's going to try to roll it up. oh, my gosh. >> oh. >> there he goes. the eating part is heavily edited, but he alcoholps and alcoholps and alcohol chomps away. >> no way. it's not possible. >> there he is halfway through the 12-pound burrito. >> i'm surprised how well, it's staying together. >> believe it or not he said after a little over 20 minutes of trying and eating and eating and eating he did actually finish the whole darn burrito. >> i got to know, what's his secret? remove an organ before he starts doing this?
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look at the kid. he's small. >> i would like to see him get on the scale before and after. >> yeah. >> see if he gains 12 pounds. >> yeah. >> elephant takes a dip. ♪ you can bet this kid has heard this phrase before. don't play frisbee in the house. >> this is called the fris man. >> do you think he listened? no. he's having a grand old time swinging the frisbee around the house. but you know, always listen to mom. >> oh! >> do you see his face? >> yeah, yeah. >> the funniest part from this
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juken video is the end where the kid's face is just like -- oh. now you guys know i love laughing at people fall. this video, though, kind of got me in a little bit of trouble. this is dash cam from my vehicle. a little bit of off roading in sedona this past weekend and my lovely girlfriend in the passenger seat was afraid to go down this section of the broken arrow trail. she chose to get out and take some pictures. >> don't fall. >> i won't. >> i quickly say, don't fall. which she doesn't right there. >> saved it. she gingerly tip toes down this very slippery, dangerous trail and then towards the end of the trail, she gets a little bit of a flub right here. >> she waves at you. made it. i made it. >> but two seconds later. >> oh. >> done. >> down on the keister she goes. but i did giggle a little bit. >> how's the camera? >> i giggled and asked how the camera was. are you okay?
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>> i quickly asked if she was okay. >> the first thing you asked, is the camera is okay. you have my permission to slap him. >> you have to understand i was trying to create laughter in this moment of perhaps some pain. >> yeah. >> how did the truck perform on the way down? >> well, the truck was great. >> all right, babe. you can hop in. >> didn't fall. >> their house mates away so they decide to pull a prank with -- >> 2,296 balloons. >> and you see the process here. >> see if the balloon room prank takes his breath away.
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so what do you do with 2,296 balloons some these dudes have 2,296 balloons. >> house mate rich has been away for about a month now. >> yeah. >> and we decided to prank him. >> what they're going to do is blow them up and put them in their house mate rich's room when he's gone on vacation and
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you see the process here on this video from jamie's youtube channel. ♪ >> that looks like fun. >> yeah. i don't think this is a bad prank. this is a really cool prank. >> right. to the point where you can't even see his bed. they're getting lost in there. he's up to a light fixture. >> wow. >> and then the inflation process is complete so they set up a hidden camera because rich is on his way home and boy, are they excited to see rich. then they take him to the room. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> what? >> the guys go in there and they like start getting lost. they can't find each other. >> where are you? >> seriously. >> when you get home from a trip you just want to put everything away and lay on your bed and go to sleep for a little bit. he can't because he can't find his bed. >> what are your thoughts right
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now? >> i don't know. balloons everywhere. >> where are you going to sleep. >> sleep in a bed of balloons. >> could sleep standing up. >> lounge in the balloon cloud. >> almost like too much fun in this room of balloons but a good prank a harmless prank, you pop them, throw them out. ♪ that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. hello, .
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i'm beth troutman. great videos are coming your way, "right this minute." a shocking update on that video of a man attacking a stingray. >> little did he know the video would end up on youtube. >> what we found out that will blow your mind. >> shut up! terrifying new video of a gas station explosion. >> watch this. >> how a hero ran back in to get a trapped driver out. a woman is using public transportation. >> just like she's in a public rest room. >> how the people of sep ta are keep


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